“LeWitt Transpositions” and Conceptual Transpositions: Considering the Grammars of Conceptual Art and Parametric Drawing

Marc Miller

  • A dense, interconnected web of colored lines in blue, red, yellow, and black, converging in points throughout a moon shape with closed points

In the 1970s, artists and designers were trying to formalize their respective processes using rules. In the fine arts, there was a long period of reflection that had gained traction within the modern art movement. For designers, it presented an opportunity to formalize design practices and procedures, thus providing a rationale for repetitive processes. In both cases, grammar and syntax were used to frame the process of translating the rules into operations.

Click this link to access the full artist’s statement.

Marc Miller teaches in the Department of Landscape Architecture at Penn State University. He has degrees in fine arts, art history, architecture and landscape architecture. His research
interests revolve around technology and representation methods in design including parametric design and television as design medium.


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