“Translation, Translation, Rehearsal” in Conversation

Scott Hunter with Alexandra Macheski

Scott Hunter’s “Translation, Translation, Rehearsal” is a sound piece that explores issues of translation when a tarot deck is used to dictate the fate of each note for a saxophone quartet. Each translation of a tarot card, be it “the fool” or “the hermit,” manifests in a harmonic progression of rehearsals that culminate in an infinite play on what is lost, or not lost, in the act of translation. Accompanying “Translation, Translation, Rehearsal” is a brief interview between Scott Hunter, a PhD student of literature at UC Santa Cruz, and Refract editorial board member Alexandra Macheski about how tarot and music composition and the concept of rehearsal can create new and unforeseen harmonies. This interview, from June 15 to August 4, 2019 started as a face-to-face conversation in Santa Cruz, California, and then moved to written correspondence.

Click this link to access Hunter’s full artist statement.

Scott Hunter is a musician, fiction writer, and student of medieval literature. He lives in Santa Cruz, California.

Alexandra Macheski is an editorial board member of Refract: An Open Access Visual Studies Journal.

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