Volume 3, Issue 1: Hauntings and Traces

This volume of Refract investigates the power dynamics of (in)visibility through “haunting” and the “trace.” A form of way-making, the trace offers itself as an object, subject, and action, as both a remnant and a becoming. Haunting similarly defies legibility in that it occupies a discomforting space between something/somebody and nothing/nobody–not simply a vestige of previous realities but an active force that unsettles life-and-death worlds. As a journal of visual studies, Refract is drawn in particular to the power dynamics inherent in the zone between the visible and the invisible: a zone that the haunting and the trace both inhabit. This volume does not seek to define hauntings and traces per se, but hopes instead to offer spaces for their forms to emerge. One starting point is the tension between absence and presence instantiated by the terms haunting and the trace.

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Floodplain (126)

Montana Torrey

The cover of Ly's book, a central off-white circle with the title "Traces of Trauma" encircled by vessels on a black background.

Interview with Boreth Ly on Her New Book, Traces of Trauma

Boreth Ly, Catherine Ries, Michelle Yee, Christina Ayson-Plank

Bloodlines, Kinship

Hilary A. Short

The Televised Apocalypse

Justin Keever